The food industry constantly confuses consumers. Some of the basic reasons why people are misled is because terms such as natural, non-GMO, trans-fat free, or kosher do not have consistent definitions for consumers to follow. Without clear standards or definitions, these claims are not informative of the true nutritional content of the food in question.


Not the most important measurement when it comes to weight loss or maintaining weight. 200 calories of broccoli is not the same as 200 calories of potato chips. Choosing the right calorie dense food makes all of the difference in keeping you full longer.


Always check the serving size. Food Manufacturers intentionally keep this labeling small so the nutritional facts seem better.


This list should be short and the items on it easily recognizable. If they are not then its likely additives, preservatives and a whole bunch of chemicals your body can’t process.


Ingredients are listed in order of weight or quantity. If you can not identify or pronounce the first five ingredients then take a pass.


Manufactures are super creative with the names for sugar that way they can be scattered through out the ingredients label. If all of the creative names for sugar were added together it would be the first ingredient on the list.


In the 1980’s the US was sold on the idea that fat was the cause of obesity and chronic disease. Research has shown that sugar is the cause of most health of these issues. When fat is removed from a product it is replaced with sugar, salt and artificial flavors. You are always better off with the original version.

Choosing one food item over another for reasons such as products claiming they are all natural or fat free do not always mean it’s healthier. The FDA does not define “natural” but if labeled so, the food must not contain added colors, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances. However, foods labeled natural can contain preservatives.

Store Bought Canned Spaghetti and Meatballs

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs 

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